Apparently it cost $55,000 to have Panic! At the Disco play at my small spring concert at school in the spring. That’s a lot for like 300 people to go see them.

My boss and her best friend were trying to hook me up with their son’s hockey coach.

Today we used Macklemore as an example for Marxist theories.

Failed my first test of the semester and I have an important midterm tomorrow so there’s that

I got yaked about earlier so that’s pretty exciting.
I need to find this person and make friends so we can look for campus kitties together.

The thirst is too real.

Is the cute boy sitting next to me staring at me or out the window????

I ordered nose rings on etsy and I noticed I ordered the wrong size so i cancelled the order an hour later and then ordered the right size ones.

The woman completely ignored the cancellation request but messaged me saying she’s going to ship the 2 orders as 1 and is sending me some extra nose rings as gifts…

So  I guess it all evens out?

I’ve been thinking a lot about school lately and how I picked the wrong major and wrong school and I’ve done everything wrong and I am so unhappy with how things are right now.

I went to the dentist this morning and I got 4 Novocaine/Procaine and I haven’t been able to eat/open my mouth/chew/talk/do anything with my mouth.

I figured out why.

The whole inside of my mouth is bruised.

Well my doctor just called me fat so that’s a great way to start my day.