There’s only one or two nights a year where I like college, so I’m gonna embrace it. 
If you can’t read that, I saw Panic! At the Disco. And Hoodie Allen and Karmin. But mostly Panic!.

No one can stop me from eating carbs.

Finally found out the name of the kid I always see and have thought was hot.

It’s Shea.

And I can totally dig it.

5 more biopsych classes 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Please help I don’t want to take any

Should I take:

Art History: Renaissance to Revolution,

History of Russian Film, or

World Religions?

Someone I know bought a mini goat and it’s going to live in their frat house.

I can’t wait to reach the age where giving a candle is an appropriate birthday present.

yeah, that was from bioshock infinite



Everyone’s panties are all in a bunch over some fucking basketball.

In today’s addition of Everything I Learned Up to Now Was a Lie I learned that is in fact a-ok to mix uppers and downers.

I feel like everyone is reaching the point where they like and are friends with their moms and I just keep getting angrier and more upset than ever.

New workout clothes yeah yeah

Mark Hoppus’ love for Frozen keeps me young.

You know, as  much as I hate myself, I’m starting to like my legs, cellulite, fat, scars, and all.

I’m so tried. I couldn’t fall asleep until around 5 and even then I don’t think I was ever fully asleep.